053 Psychology

branch of knowledge: 05 «Social and behavioral sciences»

specialty: 053 "Psychology"



Higher Education Level: Bachelor / Master

Specialists in the field of training "Psychology" can perform research, educational, managerial, psychodiagnostic, counseling and psycho-corrective work: in scientific and educational institutions of various levels; in social institutions dealing with social and psychological assistance; economic institutions, fulfilling the duties of human resources; medical institutions, providing psychological support to sick persons; in law enforcement agencies together with other specialists participating in law enforcement activities. Psychologists also develop recommendations and implement psycho-hygienic measures to improve the learning, upbringing and productive environment of the individual. Graduate psychologists are prepared to work in education, medicine, social assistance to the population, social services for families, children and youth, in the Armed Forces, SBU, MIA, administrative, political and private entities.

The main purpose of the specialty is to provide education in the field of social and behavioral sciences with broad employment opportunities for successful professional self-realization in the labor market, to form the basic competencies of a psychologist capable of independent work and continuing education in doctoral programs in psychology. The program provides specialization opportunities.


Main specializations: