Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and taxation is one of the most popular economic specialties in the Academy. It is universal and professionally oriented to the modern requirements in the labor market in the training of specialists in the field of accounting, analytical, control, auditing, tax and auditing activities, ensuring the financial and investment stability of enterprises and other economic entities, including, in the budget sphere.

"Accounting and taxation" is a complex specialty that enables the specialist to work in two areas: accounting and taxation. In addition, specialists in this field are multifunctional workers. The modern accountant is not only engaged in accounting, but also performs other activities, including planning and decision-making, control over compliance with payment and tax discipline at the enterprise, evaluation and analysis of economic and financial activities.

Among the most important aspects of the educational activities of specialists in this specialty is the formation of a high professional level, which requires a deep knowledge of humanities, fundamental, general economic, professional disciplines, as well as the possibility of professional adaptation of specialists in the conditions of new market economic relations with the constant priority of human values.

The specialty "Accounting and Taxation" is the most attractive economic specialty for those who want to understand the general principles of formation of economic information, which is used to manage enterprises, organizations, institutions. No company of any form of ownership today can do without the services of a highly qualified accounting specialist, because all of them are required to keep financial statements, and all other types of reporting are based on accounting data. The modern job market requires trained accountants who can keep records both manually and automatically, and can constantly evolve in line with changes in the economy and legislation.

The specialty "Accounting and Taxation" is also the most prestigious in modern conditions of training of specialists in the field of economic knowledge. Integration processes in the economic development of the state require the training of highly qualified specialists who could provide accounting and control over the financial activity of enterprises; economic validity of actions; objective assessment of the financial performance and legitimacy of management decisions and their implementation; forecasting financial performance and conducting strategic economic analysis; control of rational use of material, labor and financial resources.

Our graduates receive fundamental theoretical and practical training in accounting, management, tax and statistical accounting, auditing, tax optimization, event evaluation, analysis of operations and financial status of Ukrainian enterprises of various forms of ownership.

Accounting and tax specialist today not only performs traditional accounting, analysis, control and audit, focusing on the problem of asset retention and what the company has now, but also introduces strategic measures to improve the efficiency of the enterprise in the future, maintains tax accounting in terms of minimize tax payments and provide tax advice.

The training of specialists at the Academy is aimed at acquiring students with in-depth knowledge that give him the opportunity to work as an accountant and tax consultant at enterprises of different ownership and different areas of activity.

An integral part of the educational process is the acquisition of practical skills by the student in the completion of practical work, course projects and the completion of industrial and undergraduate practice. Students participate in seminars and conferences on economics, accounting and taxation.

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